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Brickeye LumiCon® wins Concrete Contractor Magazine’s 2024 Top Products Award

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Brickeye heading to New York for Builder's Risk and Construction Symposium

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Connect with Brickeye at ICBA (Independent Contractors and Businesses Association): Meet the Generals in Vancouver

Success Stories

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Optimizing Mass Concrete Construction with PBTDL

Thermal control.png

Thermal Control Plans for
Mass and Thermally
Controlled Concrete

Cold Weather.png

Concrete Temperature Monitoring In Cold Weather


  • What can LumiCon monitor?
    LumiCon enables real-time monitoring of vital aspects of concrete, including concrete temperature and temperature differentials, maturity, concrete strength, and relative humidity.
  • Do I need to be on-site in order to collect concrete data?
    Not at all! The LumiCon system is connected to the cloud, which means you can access all of your concrete data remotely from any mobile device. Use the provided credentials to login to the app and check your concrete status 24/7.
  • How will I know when my concrete slabs are cured to my project specification?
    With the mobile app, you can set up customized notifications and alarms based on the status of your concrete slabs. You will be notified instantly once a certain condition has been met.
  • Will LumiCon Concrete Monitoring work in extreme weather conditions?
    LumiCon’s concrete sensors are built to operate in harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold. Their ruggedized IP68-rated enclosures are both dust and water resistant.
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