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High Rise Residential Tower Construction


Damage caused by water is one of the largest causes of insurance claims during construction.

Prevent or discover water loss events - leaks, unattended flow or infiltration - sooner to mitigate costly water damage claims.


Industry-leading protection tools and comprehensive job site coverage
you can trust

Protection Tools

Water Detection

Flow Monitoring

Automatic Shut-Off

Pump On/Off Control

Job Site Coverage by Project Phase
Post TCO:
  • Temporary Water

  • Electrical Rooms

  • Electrical & Comm Risers

  • Elevator Pits

  • Sump Pits

  • Domestic Cold Supply

  • Domestic Hot & Cold Zones

  • Booster Pumps

  • Mechanical Rooms

  • Sprinkler Supply

  • Domestic Cold Supply

  • Domestic Hot & Cold

  • Booster Pumps

  • Mechanical Rooms

  • Electrical Rooms


Protect Project Margins on Building Construction

Threshold-driven alerts and smart automations help you take informed action to mitigate water incidents, rework, delays, rising insurance costs, and reputational damage.

Loss Prevention 

Prevent incidents wherever possible

Threshold-Driven Alerts

Loss Reduction

Reduce incident severity 

Auto Shut-Off & Automations

Loss Monitoring 

Monitor & gain insight

on risk

Risk Reporting & Analytics

The significant impact of water-related incidents at the job site - resulting in budget overruns, schedule delays, and rapidly escalating insurance costs - is one of the biggest challenges faced by high rise and building construction projects. Brickeye helps mitigate this risk, reducing time to discovery of water incidents and claim size, protecting your project and your margin.

Mitigation Delta of IoT

● Mitigate Water Damage

   Our advanced leak detection and flow sensors provide real-time and remote job site monitoring, 

   ensuring early detection and rapid response to water-related incidents through actionable alerts and

   smart automations, including shut-off valves and pump controls.

● Reduce Rework and Delays

   Leaks and unattended flows can lead to significant water damage, rework and project delays, often

   during the final stages of construction when expensive equipment and finishes are in. With our

   technology, you can identify and address issues quickly, maintaining project schedules and avoiding

   unnecessary setbacks.


● Save on Insurance Costs

   By proactively monitoring risk and mitigating water-related incidents, you reduce the likelihood and 

   severity of insurance claims, as well as the potential for future rate increases. As you demonstrate

   proactive risk mitigation strategies, insurers view you and your Brickeye-protected projects as a more

   attractive risk to underwrite. This can lead to securing additional capacity in a hard market, preferred

   coverage terms, lower deductibles, and ultimately driving down rates on Builders Risk and Wrap Up 

   Liability policies.


● Deploy Tailored Solutions

   Our platform is customizable to match your project's unique needs. Whether it's a large-scale

   development, high-rise condo or healthcare facility, our technology and risk mitigation plans adapt to

   your requirements, building design and budget.


Align incentives to reduce construction risk and lower insurance costs

Together with a growing network of insurance providers, Brickeye is enabling the future of technology- and data-driven risk management. Learn about our process and how a growing number of Brickeye-protected projects have benefited from additional capacity, preferred coverage terms, reduced deductibles or lower premiums on their policies.

Align incentives to reduce construction risk and lower insurance costs
Mast Capital Cipriani Residences Miami project


Mast Capital protects its Cipriani Residences Miami project with Brickeye

See success stories of Brickeye-protected projects benefiting from our water mitigation technology.

Brickeye is working closely with Mast Capital, a preeminent, vertically integrated real estate investment and development firm, Moss & Associates, one of the southeast USA's largest privately held general contractors, and Marsh, one of the world's leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, to help protect the Cipriani Residences Miami project with a water mitigation plan utilizing Brickeye’s Job Site IoT Platform.


  • What can LumiCon monitor?
    LumiCon enables real-time monitoring of vital aspects of concrete, including concrete temperature and temperature differentials, maturity, concrete strength, and relative humidity.
  • Do I need to be on-site in order to collect concrete data?
    Not at all! The LumiCon system is connected to the cloud, which means you can access all of your concrete data remotely from any mobile device. Use the provided credentials to login to the app and check your concrete status 24/7.
  • How will I know when my concrete slabs are cured to my project specification?
    With the mobile app, you can set up customized notifications and alarms based on the status of your concrete slabs. You will be notified instantly once a certain condition has been met.
  • Will LumiCon Concrete Monitoring work in extreme weather conditions?
    LumiCon’s concrete sensors are built to operate in harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold. Their ruggedized IP68-rated enclosures are both dust and water resistant.
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