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The Most Comprehensive Job Site Construction Risk & Productivity Solution for GCs

Reduce risk, enhance quality, drive productivity and protect margins through advanced job site tools and insights purpose-built for contractors.

Deliver the future of construction today. Build smarter with an IoT-enabled job site.

Brickeye can help your business outperform with IoT-enabled job site monitoring and controls. Manage your job sites and your business smarter - with higher productivity, reduced risk, less delays and lower costs.

Equip your teams.

Give your people job site tools and intelligent alerts to enable informed decision-making, smart risk controls and superior project outcomes.

Outperform on projects.

Continue to grow your business and differentiate as a best-in-class GC by building smarter with advanced job site technology.

Protect your margins.

Protect your margins by mitigating damage and rework, reducing cost overruns and delays, lowering insurance deductibles and driving job site efficiencies.

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Make your job site smart to deliver
the best results

You’ve got a good handle on your job site - why adopt IoT technology? Because being proactive on risk mitigation loads the dice for success, and delivering best-in-class results differentiates your business for continued growth - Brickeye helps you do both.

Explore solutions purpose-built
for the job site

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