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Environmental Risk in Construction


Environmental risk during construction can impact job site safety, community relations, schedule and budget.

Proactively monitor and mitigate job site environmental risks remotely and in real-time to get ahead of problems before they impact your project.


Industry-leading environmental monitoring tools make it easier to keep projects on track

Trust Brickeye for actionable alerts and automated reporting for:

Noise Level Monitoring
  • Sound Level / Bylaw Compliance

  • Noise Exemption Permit Support

Ambient Conditions Monitoring
  • Temperature & Humidity

  • Dust / Air Quality

  • Carbon Monoxide

Mass Timber Monitoring
  • Moisture Content

  • Water Management

  • Interior Environment

Job site safety and compliance


Enhance job site safety, support compliance requirements and be a good neighbor

Keep your project on track and in good standing. Threshold-driven alerts and daily reporting enable informed action to proactively protect worker safety, manage job site environmental conditions, and mitigate complaints or fines.


Canada's tallest residential building project gains 30+ hours per week with Noise Monitoring

The developer of Canada's first supertall skyscraper, is proactively using Brickeye’s noise monitoring technology to secure a Noise Exemption Permit and gain 30+ additional hours per week in schedule, significantly boosting daily construction productivity.

See success stories of Brickeye-protected projects benefiting from our technology.

Mizrahi The One project


  • What can LumiCon monitor?
    LumiCon enables real-time monitoring of vital aspects of concrete, including concrete temperature and temperature differentials, maturity, concrete strength, and relative humidity.
  • Do I need to be on-site in order to collect concrete data?
    Not at all! The LumiCon system is connected to the cloud, which means you can access all of your concrete data remotely from any mobile device. Use the provided credentials to login to the app and check your concrete status 24/7.
  • How will I know when my concrete slabs are cured to my project specification?
    With the mobile app, you can set up customized notifications and alarms based on the status of your concrete slabs. You will be notified instantly once a certain condition has been met.
  • Will LumiCon Concrete Monitoring work in extreme weather conditions?
    LumiCon’s concrete sensors are built to operate in harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold. Their ruggedized IP68-rated enclosures are both dust and water resistant.
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