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Empowering Construction Risk Management
and Protecting Margins in Construction.

Brickeye is your technology partner in de-risking construction and protecting project margins. Through our comprehensive job site IoT platform, we offer solutions that redefine how developers and owners approach construction risk management.

Why Choose Brickeye?

The significant and material impact of water-related incidents at the job site - resulting in budget overruns, schedule delays, and rapidly escalating insurance costs - is one of the biggest challenges faced by high rise developers and building owners. Brickeye helps mitigate this risk, protecting your projects and your margins.

Elevate Your Risk Management Approach with Brickeye

Unlock a new era of construction risk management by partnering with Brickeye. Our IoT technology solutions redefine how water, concrete, and environmental risks are mitigated, setting a new standard for quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your approach to job site risk, secure more favorable insurance terms, and help ensure the success of your construction projects.

Leading Developers & Owners trust Brickeye

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Mast Capital protects its Cipriani Residences Miami project with Brickeye


Mast Capital protects its Cipriani Residences Miami project with Brickeye

See success stories of Brickeye-protected projects benefiting from our water mitigation technology.

Brickeye is working closely with Mast Capital, a preeminent, vertically integrated real estate investment and development firm, Moss & Associates, one of the southeast USA's largest privately held general contractors, and Marsh, one of the world's leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, to help protect the Cipriani Residences Miami project with a water mitigation plan utilizing Brickeye’s Job Site IoT Platform.

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