Smart alerts and AI powered insights

Wireless, battery powered IoT sensors

Fast installation with a low rental price

Reduce construction risks by installing an intelligent sensor system.

 "Controlling temperature  helped us reduce our energy costs by 35% and our rework risk."


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Precise Daily Analytics

Powerful Predictive Insights

Reliable Cloud Dashboard

Choose your sensors, we are sensor agnostic

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Monitoring Applications:

• Roof & underground water
• Concrete setting conditions
• Mold prone dwellings
• Water tank levels


Monitoring Applications:
• Door, gate &  window access
• Vibration & seismic activity
• Machinery usage
• Impacts & inclinations


Monitoring  Applications:
• Air quality on site perimeter

• Air quality working conditions

• Cement operations
• Construction/demolition dust


Monitoring Applications:

• Security Surveillance

• Asset Location

• Construction Productivity

• Timelapse Marketing


Monitoring Applications:

• Heavy equipment battery 
• Machinery and generators 
• Third-party sensors 
• Power lines


Monitoring Applications:

• Loud working conditions
• Sound and visual alerts
• Wearable  alert systems
• Swamper / flagger visibility

The most cost-effective risk mitigation solution for your construction site

- Monitor water in elevator pits and riser closets

- Alert workers of critical events

- Detect unhealthy air and dangerous fumes

- Identify intrusion to critical areas

- Improve worker visibility and safety

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Cost effective rental solution

Your team can rent the sensors you need when needed. Our flexible approach allows you to optimize the sensors to stay within your budget. Many of our clients see immediate savings in their insurance premiums.

- Minimal upfront cost

- Preventative maintenance

- Insurance savings


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De-risk Your Construction More Efficiently

Expect the latest technology from Brickeye. We will be installing the appropriate sensor for you to get the right measurement in the palm of your hand.

A.I. Overlooking Alerts

Our systems maintains a rigorous 24/7 guard overlooking alerts integrating any incident with your emergency response plan.

No Capital Investment

Renting frees up your business' capital. An expense is only incurred for the sensor when it is needed for a particular job.

Expect Responsive Service

Our team can knowledgeably consult you on sensors and applications. We will work to become your trusted sensor rental source and make your construction safer. We are only a phone call away.

Request a Site Survey

An experienced Brickeye technician would be pleased to survey your site and provide a no-obligation pricing proposal.

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