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LumiCon Concrete Monitoring


Rugged & Reliable Concrete Monitoring Solutions

LumiCon is Brickeye’s end-to-end smart concrete monitoring solution with real-time data and comprehensive analytics that generate insight to enhance quality and drive job site productivity.


Why LumiCon Concrete Monitoring?

We’ve been delivering best-in-class concrete monitoring solutions globally since 2017.

Rugged & Plug-N-Play

  • Equipment purpose-built for job sites

  • Intuitive and hassle-free setup

Remote & Continuous Connectivity

  • Superior range and cell connectivity 

  • Save time for what is important

  • Protect worker safety

User-friendly Software 

  • Easily access data

  • Alerts, Analytics & Automated Reports

Dependable Support 

  • In-house experts

  • Real people committed to your success 

Kokosing Project Concrete Pour

Customer Testimonials

“We’re all pretty happy with the LumiCon system. The setup was painless, and it provided great data. Not needing to manually go record temperatures multiple times per day is a huge time saver. We had no malfunctions with any sensors.”
Rick Castleton
Project Manager, Hoffman Structures, Inc.
LumiCon concrete monitoring deployment on U.S. Army Corps Kentucky Locks Project


Mass concrete monitoring as per standard requirements and thermal control plans (TCPs)

Monitor maximum temperature and temperature differentials remotely and continuously based on advanced analytics including stepped and Performance-based Temperature Differential Limit (PBTDL) methodology.

Monitor maturity and strength development in-situ at early stages

  • More accurate strength estimates vs field samples

  • View the concrete strength estimate in real time

  • Advance project schedules (save ~2 days per pour)

  • Design mix optimization

  • Environmental considerations (cold weather concreting)

  • Concrete quality assurance

LumiCon concrete monitoring deployment on Landmark Structures Water Tower Project

Extensive Range of Industries and Project Types Served

From critical infrastructure projects to vertical construction, LumiCon provides best-in-class concrete monitoring for your simplest to most complex concrete pours.

Transportation Projects - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring
Dams / Locks Projects - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring
Dams / Locks
Energy Projects - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring
Industrial Projects - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring
Pre-Cast Concrete - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring
Vertical Construction - LumiCon Concrete Monitoring

Benefits for a diverse set of construction stakeholders

Ensure concrete quality, demonstrate compliance with Thermal Control Plans and DoT requirements, drive job site productivity to meet critical project deadlines, and maintain historical pour data in support of warranty

or workmanship claims.

General Contractors
Entities / DoTs
Project Owners / Developers

How LumiCon Concrete Monitoring Works

Comprehensive end-to-end solution for industry-leading reliability and ease of use.

How LumiCon Concrete Monitoring Works


With LumiCon Concrete Monitoring, you don’t need to be on-site to know the status of your concrete pour. Sensor data is sent directly from the job site to the cloud where you can access it from anywhere and at any time.

LumiCon Concrete Monitoring Popular Deployment Configurations

Popular LumiCon Deployment Configurations

Easy, No Hassle Hardware Setup

Deployment is as simple as 1-2-3.

LumiCon Concrete Sensor Installed on Rebar
Plug in LumiNode
Monitor Concrete Pour on LumiCon App & Dashboard
LumiCon Concrete Monitoring

User-friendly Software and Customizable Reports

  • Real Time Alarms

  • Unlimited Users

  • Custom PDF Reports

  • Custom Excel Reports

  • Tutorials

  • & More

Trusted by industry and innovation leaders

Trusted by the world’s leading general contractors to get the job done right.

Kiewit Corporation
Walsh Group
Webber Construction
Master Landmark logo_png_edited_edited_e
Riggs Distler
Ames Construction
  • What can LumiCon monitor?
    LumiCon enables real-time monitoring of vital aspects of concrete, including concrete temperature and temperature differentials, maturity, concrete strength, and relative humidity.
  • Do I need to be on-site in order to collect concrete data?
    Not at all! The LumiCon system is connected to the cloud, which means you can access all of your concrete data remotely from any mobile device. Use the provided credentials to login to the app and check your concrete status 24/7.
  • How will I know when my concrete slabs are cured to my project specification?
    With the mobile app, you can set up customized notifications and alarms based on the status of your concrete slabs. You will be notified instantly once a certain condition has been met.
  • Will LumiCon Concrete Monitoring work in extreme weather conditions?
    LumiCon’s concrete sensors are built to operate in harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold. Their ruggedized IP68-rated enclosures are both dust and water resistant.
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