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Local Alert Panel

The wireless Local Alert provides an additional way to receive critical notifications and sensor readings through your Brickeye network. Upon receiving a notification the Local Alert can flash an LED, sound an audible alarm, and display critical notification information. The Local Alert can also be used to display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.


•Alert Workers in Critical Areas

•Alert Superintendents in Office

Network Horn Speaker

Axis Outdoor Network Horn Speaker provides clear, long-range speech for remote speaking. Speaker enables an operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity. The loudspeaker can also play a pre-recorded audio file when it is manually or automatically triggered in response to an alarm event.


•Alert Workers in Critical Areas

•Alert Superintendents in Office

Sound Meter

The wireless sound meter has a strong weatherproof case and outdoor microphone for unattended monitoring. Great for OSHA compliance and occupational noise measurements.


•Avoid occupational exposure

•Avoid nuisance to neighbours

•Avoid fines by a local authority

Wearable Safety Light

Guardian Angel has 4 different light controls to provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all flash emergency mode. IP68 rated makes it water, dust and shock proof. Rechargeable lithium ion battery. Built in Neodymium magnet and clip attaches to nearly any surface, hardhat, vest or steel toe boots.


•Swamper and flagger visibility

•Avoid road accidents

•Safety lantern

Pre-configured Smartwatch

Pre-confirgured Smartwatch with a eSIM receives realtime SMS alerts informing potencial hazards in a construction site without the need of a mobile phone.  


• Immediate awareness for Superintendents

• Vibration alerts

• Safe hand free system

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